Herbalife Side Effects

The company’s avowed theme is “ Loose weight now, Ask me how,” and “to nurture people’s health all around.” While some celebrate their weight-loss achievement through these products, some others are deeply sceptical about Herbalife Side Effects.

Herbalife gamut of products consists of protein-rich shakes, snacks, nutrition and energy-contents, fitness make-ups and personal care items, broadly covering heart, digestion, skin care and sports activities, with some of them being vegetarian, carrying health tips and professional reviews as a marketing strategy. Formulations produced contain herbal extracts such as teas, guarana, chamomile, broccoli, and bilberry for mixing in most of their products free from what are called Herbalife Side Effects.

Herbal Side Effects:

While using Herbalife products, some side effects have occurred threatening the individuals- some are imaginary, not founded, while some are specific though temporary in some cases.  Some complaints are specific from around 40% users. Complaints pertain to having nausea, constipation, light-headedness, vomiting, diarrhea, palpitation and other fleeting symptoms due to use of Herbalife products.

Herbalife Side EffectsDefence:

Defence from the company on all these complaints are many. While they concede a small chunk of complaints to be well-founded, others, they say, are not so.

One contention of the company is that product brochure itself makes it clear that some 25% of users depending upon constitution may have some side-effects, maintaining that it is again a testimony to the action of medicine on the patient as a prelude to improvement. Another defence advanced that the side effects are quite possible owing to presence of some diseases already in the body.

Herbal side effects are not unexpected in as much as some ingredients are proven laxatives,  some containing caffeine that may cause diarrhea and headache respectively, according to another theory of the company men. But the company was denounced for advertising them for cure for treating tumours, toning up circulation, rejuvenation and mental boost -up.

Protein shakes of Herbalife, rich with fructose and sucrose may cause enhanced appetite which is not to be mistaken for any abnormality or worried about, because it is, as it should be. Vegetable oils such as Sunflower, if not properly stocked or maintained in cold conditions, may turn sour resulting in vomiting, a development not associated with Herbalife.

Prolonged intake of caffeine-content items might cause some problems, and hence consultation with doctor is advised before taking those products.


•    As a consequence many a legal battle arose, most of which the company settled through mediation by making compensation.

•    At that period, complaints poured with FDA alleging Herbalife Side Effects while taking those medicines, further saying that those complaints vanished once the use of such medicines were stopped.

•    As a result, a few products also were discontinued from the production line on.

Bio of Herbalife International:

Established by Mark Hughes in 1980, incorporated in the Cayman Islands and headquartered in Los Angeles, California, the United States of America, Herbalife is a multi-level marketing company  marketing nutrition, weight-management and skin care derivatives with a staff strength of around 6200 round the world.


Defying Herbalife side effects, the products have found wide-spread use for the simple reason that it’s far more effective in bringing about weight-loss in obese cases. Further, its efficacy as a trusted nutrition and energy boosters has not been found dwindled. However it’s always wiser to take in those products after consultation with the family doctor to confirm its suitability on a particular individual for deciding whether it is a bane or a blessing.